Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2011My short existence has been greatly influenced by my Muslim father and Christian mother; this has formed a deep and complex outlook on culture and faith which has gone through periods of anger, revelation and peace.

My work is not a final thought, definite answer or opinion. My work can be a question, the visualisation of a spiritual journey or a milestone which by no means progresses towards any definite answer but conveys a specific spiritual influence or thought in time.

Through painting I explore religious symbolism from different cultures and periods in history which interest me. I explore the use of certain spiritual symbols in different contexts and situations and watch how this affects the viewer’s experience as well as an expression of my inner thoughts.


Leith College of Art Foundation Course 2006-2007
Edinburgh College of Art- 2.1 BA Honours, Fine Art  2007-2011


Pea Head Pop Up Events – 28th July, 2013 – La Mula Obstinada, Edinburgh
Put a Bra On – 14th July 2012 – Opium, Edinburgh
Land of the Sun – 18th Feb-4th Mar 2012, St John’s Church, Edinburgh
Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show – 11-19th June, 2011 – Edinburgh College of Art
Oracles Congress -14-26TH March, 2011 – St John’s Church, Edinburgh
The Journey – 14-26th March, 2011 – St John’s Church, Edinburgh


Bone-Yard Magazine Interview and Feature- First Issue 2013
Sonderkommando album artwork featured in the Jewish Telegraph- 9th of April
Visual Art Trader Artist of the Month January 2013
Featured in Edinburgh International Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace Festival 2011-2012
Featured in Sneak Magazine- Second Issue 2011


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